How to select destination location when archiving emails?

Hi there,
I’ve been a user of DT Pro for many years.
I recently upgraded to DT 3.

I see the interface has some wonderful improvements. Included in that is the sidebar being the location for interacting with the Import Email tools.

I have a database specifically for archived emails. I have perhaps 7 emails accounts archived in there. The folder structure DT created is something like.
— Emails > Apple Mail > “Name of Account”

I recall that in the past (DT2) when I updated my email archive it would add all the emails to the relevant (and existing) folder in my email archive database. I assume I was given the chance to select the destination database or even perhaps database and folder, whilst doing the archive procedure, and that was how my existing archive would get appended to with new emails.

But when I did the import using the new interface, I didn’t appear to have any way to choose the archive destination. And they ended up being archived into :: Globals — Inboxes > Emails > Apple Mail > “Account Name”.

Obviously that’s not where I want them. What’s more, dragging them over to where I want them brings up a progress indicator that they are being moved, yet after the move operation is complete, the emails are still in the wrong location.

I should mention I have the latest DT Mail plug-in installed.

Would someone kindly explain where I am going wrong?

Thanks so much.


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There certainly is a way to choose the destination database. It’s the Destination dropdown on the upper right as noted in the Help > Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Email

  • Import lets you choose the database and group but doesn’t preserve the mailbox structure.
  • Archive Mailbox lets you choose the database but emails will be archived into the Emails group at the root of the database chosen in the Destination.

PS: I’m adding a little more clarifying language to this line item for the next release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Great. Thank you Bluefrog.

You’re right … I didn’t see that drop down.

Now that I’ve mistakenly archived all emails since my previous archive round into the wrong location, what do you suggest? For some reason dragging them across didn’t seem to work, despite the progress indicator showing it was moving thousands of emails.

Is it best to just delete the wrongly located archive, and then archive them again, and using the date range to make sure I get those back to my last successful archive? Normally I just tell it to archive everything, and to ignore previously archived emails. But I gather that’s no longer an option, since I archived them already (to the wrong place).



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Oh my. Now that I do see it, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before! It’s pretty obvious.

No worries! I wrote the documentation and live in the app so it’s a little more obvious to me :slight_smile:

Is anything reported in Window > Log?