How to select text in imported emails?

When I import an email or EML file into DTPro, it gets displayed properly and the text is searchable, but strangely I cannot [em]select[/em] text in the email.

I resolve this at the moment by opening the email via shift-cmd-O in Mail where I [em]can[/em] select text. However this workaround is pretty cumbersome and works only for email I keep in Mail.

Is there any way to select (and copy) text from an EML file in DEVONthink?

Unfortunately the default Quick Look based view doesn’t support selections anymore on the latest macOS releases. DEVONthink Pro Office includes an alternate view that supports selections and access to attachments.

Thanks for the explanation!

Interesting! Does anybody know of other Quick Look plugins for EML files which do support text selection?

That’s a good reason for the Office version! :slight_smile:

I don’t think that there are such third-party plugins as the system includes already one.