how to set DTP to open pdfs for annotation in Skim by defaul


for a number of reasons I prefer to open and annotate pdfs in Skim (some pdfs are in an indexed folder; some others will have ended up in DTP) via double-clicking. Is there a way to do this?

Annotations added in Skim show up alright (very nice!!) in DTP. Is there a way to get the notes indexed into DTP? They always will be in the same locations as the pdf-file they are linked to. Would there be a away to – automagically – index the notes (only)?




I did discover the toolbar item “open as external” so my propblem is solved somewhat. I am still puzzled that nobody, including the devon-makers did answer…



did you manage to get anchored notes visible as a list in devonthink?
I create anchored notes to jump to specific sections of pdfs but in devonthink they dont appear in a list, just inside the document.

Perhaps no response because these topics are discussed frequently in the forum? Several questions here:

DTP follows the “open with” preference set for a file in Finder. If you assign Skim to PDF files, then that’s what DTP uses – note that Finder sometimes recognizes more than one file type for PDFs and you might need to instruct Finder what to do for each variety of PDF.

Are you refering to the .skim files, containing your Skim notes, that Skim can be configured to produce? If you configure Skim to place these with the original PDF, then synchronizing an index folder containing .skim files will index them into DTP. If the .skim file is in DTP’s internal database folders then there is no easy process to get them visible in DTP.

Are you referring to the Notes sidebar viewable in Skim? This sidebar is not viewable inside DTP (no similar feature exists in DTP). The anchors are visible and clickable in DTP, opening notes individually for perusal.

all clear now. thanks