How to set Sync time on DT3?

Synchronization is a feature I absolutely need on Devon Think. I have tried different methods, but it is definitely slow and, more annoying, consuming large band width in my office, even though I try to limit threads number. My databases may be large, but that is a bit of the interest of DT3 to me…

I see in the Sync pane preferences for synchronisation, such as Manual, Automatic, every minute, every hour, etc. But nothing to set a preferred time for synchronisation, like every night after 10:30 PM, which would prove useful to avoid Sync taking all the band width other people and operations need during the day. Is it currently possible to set Sync time in DT3 ? At what moment would the program operate synchronisation if you set it to Every day ?

That’s not possible, the next sync simply depends on the time of the last sync of the various database/sync location combinations and of course when DEVONthink is running. In addition, reducing the number of concurrent connections does not reduce the overall bandwidth usage, it might only reduce the peak usage and therefore last longer.

OK. Then setting the time of sync might be a feature request. Alternatively, I may set it to sync on closing the app, and close it while finishing my work day and going to sleep.