How to set the same color for multiple tags


I was playing around with the tags and decided to color them, both for easier identifying different types of tags and just because it looks fun. Anyway, I soon discovered a small problem - how can I make sure that the colors for one type of tags is the same?

I can of course select several tags at once and then set the color for all of them, but how do I do when there is a new tag and I just want to color it - it’s little bit cumbersome to find & select all of them again?

So I found this “copy” command in the pop up menu beside the color well … but I can’t figure out how to paste it in for a new tag (or several tags).

I could of course try to set up a “predefined color square” in the color picker that I always select … but I use two different Mac’s with two different Apple IDs.

I assume there is a really simple solution to the whole thing but embarrassingly enough I can’t figure out what it is.

= jem

The best approach currently would be to use scripts, either executed on demand via the Script menu or automatically via smart rules.