How to setup symlinked Folders or similar


I am keeping investment research in DevonThink. For every company that I find interesting, I keep a folder collecting text or my notes, e.g. a folder named AAPL that contains documents and notes about Apple.

I also would like to keep watchlists. For example, I would like to keep my current watchlist in a folder called 2020_Watchlist and my watchlists of previous years in folders called 2019_Watchlist etc., The most natural way to do this be to put a symbolic link of my AAPL folder into the respective watchlist-folder. This way, I could add more information to either of theses lists and at the same time keep all information together without need for manual syncs.

However, there seems to be no way to do symlinks to folders in DevonThink, or is there? Can anyone help me on how to implement my use case in DevonThink? In an abstract way my question is: how can I define some kind of entity collecting all information about a topic and then keep links references to that collection (I know about tags and I am tagging my documents, but I find using tags so much more cumbersome than folders, so I don’t think that tags would do it for me - and I might want to refer to an AAPL tag also in other contexts than investing)

Thank you!

Neither symlinks nor aliases can be used in DEVONthink.

Are you referring to using a group in DEVONthink or a folder in the Finder?

A group.

You can use a replicant. It acts like a hard link, so it doesn’t consume any ore space and a change to any replicant affects all replicants as they’re instances of the same item.

Thank you very much. That looks very much like what I am looking for - a hard link is even better than a symlink. Seems I need to read the DT documentation to know what it’s capable of…

Well, there is a lot of good information in there :slight_smile:


@BLUEFROG - Interesting… I was just experimenting with Symlinks. I created a symlink to a document and a symlink to a folder and dragged each into DT3. The first acts at first look as if I imported a copy of the document into DT3. The second appears to act as if I imported a folder as a Group.

Is this correct? When you say syminks “cannot be used” in DT3 does that mean something undesirable happens? Or do you simply mean that it behaves as an new imported item separate from the original so a change in one no longer impacts the other?

How are you making symlinks?

I am using this Symbolic Linker app installed as a service on my Mac: