How to setup synch from DTTG and DT on iMac with dropbox? SOLVED

I spent 3 hours in finding out how to synch my DTTG on Ipad + Iphone with my DT on my Mac - without any success. I also didn´t find a good document or video or entry here. It sounds super easy but I have no clue how to do it.

I set my Database “Informationen” in settings of DT on my iMac to sync with Dropbox. That worked.

Now on my Ipad/Iphone I choose Dropbox and the Save-Name to “Informationen”

But what else do I have to do in Order to see my database “Informationen” on my DTTG devices?
Noting is showing up in DTTG and I don´t see any other options.

Could somebody enlight me please :slight_smile: ??

Did you use the step by step instructions in the “DEVONthink Manual”? Of this steps, which did. it work for you?

I tried - but it´s not really coressponding to what I see on my iOS devices.
I am reading the Manual on page 38. But there is not really a step-by-step description just an explanation of all possible options.

I set dropbox - it authorized and the only extra information I was able to set is the Sync Store Name - which I set to “Informationen” which is the name of the database in DT on my iMac.

But for example there are no fields for username and password if they are needed.
I am really not a rooky - I work with IT for over 30 years - but this seams totally mysterious.

Do you have a link to a good step-by-step instruction? I would like to read it.

In DT on iMac the only thing I did is activate synch in settings and added the database “Informationen” see screenshot - is that correct or is there more I have to do here?

I found a (partly) solution!

the translation is misleading.

There is a field: “Verschlüsselung” - which means Encryption
So as I didn´t explicitly used encryption I left that field empty
But instead of an encryption key - it wanted my password to be set there.

So “Passwort” not “Verschlüsselung”

now it shows radio-buttons for my database “Informationen” - if I activate it - it asks for user and password - so I type in the infos I can see in DT on my iMac but it does not accept it (tried 5x).

Tried to delete username and password in DT iMac - but still asks me for it. Set a new username and password - but DTTG still doesn´t accept it.

Now I typed in an older password which I have noted down - and this got accepted.
So it seems to synch now.

Puh - that was not coherent with the manual at all.
I should have read the german manual if there is one.

But now it leads me to the next question - the database is over 30 GB and I only want to synch certain folders to my ipad/Iphone.

How would that work?

it seems that in DTTG now I get all documents withouth my folder structure if that is the case then the whole Idea of me having certain folders synched with my iOS devices is obsolete. I will first wait till it synched everything but if it really is not synching the folder structure from DT then I wonder how you all are using DTTG???

There is no need for entering a username and password as you just authenticated the connection between Dropbox and DEVONthink To Go.

It shouldn’t be Passwort as it’s not a password. It’s an encryption key. They are not the same thing.

You can’t sync parts of a database, only the entire database.

  • You can create a smaller database just for syncing.
  • You can also try using a shallow sync, syncing only the metadata, and downloading contents on demand.
    This is discussed in the manual as well as on our blog.

Okay - I think things are clearing up now.

  1. I guess I initially (many years ago) DID in fact encrypt the database - so that´s why the old password (which in this case was a encryption password not a login password) did work.

  2. the thing with missing folders was my mistake - I was focusing on „Eingänge“ (Input) at the top - but at the bottom there is my database „Informationen“ and it has all the expected folder structures in it.

So everything seems to be working as I initially expected.
Still the manual did not help but confuse me a lot - but finally it worked - thanks a lot.

  1. Likely the username and password in the File > Database Properties.
    By the way, that actually didn’t encrypt anything. It was a simple locking mechanism. Nothing more.

Glad to hear you’ve got thinkgs figured out now :slight_smile: