How to show links from plain text/rich text notes?

Just started trial, thinking about moving from RoamResearch to DevonThink.

Imported a couple of PDF docs and created a couple of rich text/plain text notes.
Enabled wikilinks and [[links]]. Created a number of links from PDF and from rich/plaintext notes.
The destination document ‘incoming links’ shows all links, but the list of documents shows only a link from PDF file (i.e. incoming/outgoing column shows 1 incoming and 1 outgoing for entire db)

Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 14.16.54

How do I show all links? Or is it a bug?
DevonThink 3.7, Big Sur 11.2.3

Also, how do I

  1. link to a specific place in the document and
  2. auto-highlight the link I created in the PDF file? it’s kinda hard to discover unless you hover the cursor there while looking into status bar. Maybe there’s a hotkey or a setting to see them?

upd: yet another question: i added “[[”-style link to photo in Annotations box, but upon clicking it created another document with date and time and “Write about XXX here” :confused: i literally copy-pasted the text from the plaintext note where the link worked fine

Dynamic WikiLinks (see Preferences > WikiLinks) are not counted, only item links.

I see, thanks. Are there any plans to hint “unlinked references” like Roam in the future?
upd: also, should I split these questions over to multiple topics or it is fine to keep them inside this one?

In the future is of course an infinite amount of time but it’s at least part of our already very long list of possible enhancements.