How to show metadata (company, purpose, date)?

Hi all,

I write data into the metadata fields company, purpose and date of my PDFs, to rename the files after that and for searching purposes. I can show these values as columns, but I’m unable to show them in a dedicated field in the properties sidebar, for example. Can I show them anywhere else than a column?

And I also don’t find the “data” tab in the “preferences” any more to create additional custom metadata fields or edit the fields I’ve already created. I do only have the tabs “General”, “Editing”, “WikiLinks”, “Sorter”, “Files”, “Colors”, “Web”, “RSS” and “Sync”. That’s it.


cheers, Denis

That tab (and custom metadata) is only available in DT3 Pro and DT3 Server; which edition are you using? Select About from the menu to see which edition you have registered.