How to show UUID in DT3 Pro

I want to copy some files or links to files from DT to Scrivener (or other programs.) At times I can use the UUID devonthink link but it is not always there. It is absent mostly in text stuff imported from other programs (like Notebooks). When it is present it is in the URL box, and I can get it from the Edit/Copy URL command, but often the Copy URL is greyed out, and I have to use the Copy Item Link. If it is a PDF from a journal etc, URL is there and I can copy it, but even then often a UUID will be shorter. For a simple text note there is no option regarding URL; it is greyed out.

It‘s not clear what you‘re asking, I‘m afraid. You should always be able to copy an item link via menu Data > Copy Item Link

I can do that, but I prefer, because I am stubborn, the UUID or the URL. Is that possible? (The uuid/url, not being stubborn.)

An item link contains the UUID. Or do you just want the UUID, i.e. no full link? If so why?

And what has a record’s URL got to do with it‘s UUID?

You can copy the UUID with a script and I‘ll write it if necessary but it‘s really unclear what you‘re trying to achieve.

I see what you mean. I copied an item link to Scrivener. It was basically the first sentence of the document. I then edited it and saw that it was the x-devonghink-item://xxxxxxxxx-xxxx etc.

That answers my questions. Many thanks for your help, and pushing me to explore a bit more.


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