How to "snippetize" a longer work

Hi, folks,

I have several woodworking ebooks (PDF) that cover many sub-topics. For the sake of making DT’s “see also” feature work more acurately, I’d like to subdivide my books, so that each subtopic is it’s own document.

Is it just a question of cut and paste to make a bunch of new, smaller documents? Or is there a smarter way to go about doing this?


I’m beginning to feel like a broken record. Doing a search on “split pdf” in the “advanced search” of the forum will turn up a number of useful suggestions.

The one I keep referring people to is this excellent step-by-step tutorial by Bill DeVille in this thread:


3rd from the bottom. Clip & save in whatever folder in your DTPO database you use for DTPO tips.

Ignore this tagged post.

Hi, Tod the Terrier:

Sorry to make you sigh. Thank you for the pointers. Sometimes when you’re new at this stuff, you don’t even know the words to search for. Now I do. And for that I thank you.

Please inhale.

Woof-woof! You’re quite welcome. :smiling_imp:

And it’s easier to search for something you’ve already seen and can remember some unique keywords that narrow the results.