How to solve sync problem

I am new to this forum but not to DevonThink Pro, I have been using the app for many years, maintaining several databases in it.

I always synced it between my iMac and Macbook Pro, using the method that the devs advised at the time. But now there seems to be a problem that I need help with. The following is the case:

  • The apps are version 3 and kept up-to-date
  • They are set to sync via iCloud (CloudKit).
  • The iMac app seems to locate its databases on the desktop and work from there, not iCloud Drive.
  • The app on the MBP did not see them, so I placed a copy of the databases on iCloud drive to find out if that helps.
  • If on the MBP I try to open a database located on iCloud Drive, I get a message: Databases can’t be located in Cloud folders. And DevonThink offers to relocate the database to the Home folder on the MBP. I haven’t done that yet.
  • If on the MBP I go to Settings/Sync I see several databases under Remote. Clicking one them results in the message mentioned above.

How do I get DevonThink on the iMac and MBP to sync properly?

I think you need to heed that message from the App. DEVONthink does not work if the database files are on a Cloud-synced locations. You use the Cloud services for synchronising, not storing, databases.

Probably the best thing to do from here is start again and setup synching again. Unless you NEED a cloud based sync service consider using Bonjour. Most reliable and quickest. Please note that Apple Cloud services, as reported here, are unreliable for some.

Procedures for setting up sync described fully in the “DEVONthink Manual” so please look there rather than me repeating all that here.

Thanks rmschne!

I did the following:

  • cleaned iCloud (Legacy) on all devices.

  • removed iCloud (Legacy) location on all devices.

  • moved the databases I had placed on iCloud Drive to the waste bin.

  • on the MBP in iCloud (CloudKit) settings, I clicked on a database labeled as Remote and got the message that the database was in the waste bin and had to be recovered. I did the opposite and emptied the bin.

  • on the MBP I removed all databases still visible in iCloud (CloudKit) settings and started a new import, one database at the time. That seems to have worked, the MBP now sees recent entries I made on the iMac.

  • lastly, I did the same on the iPad. That also seems to be working.

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Well done.

Now, if not set up, be sure to have full system back up on the devices. Sync files are not backups (saying just in case and for benefit of others who read this).

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Indeed. On the iMac I maintain two even, one hourly to a NAS via Time Machine and another weekly to an external disk with Carbon Copy Cloner. The MBP uses Time Machine too.
Should be enough…