How to sync between devonthink pro and to go

I am left with about 50 + hrs of the free trial. I’m going to make the purchase for the pro version.

I like to ask if there’s some support in terms of helping me sync my current desktop pro version with my DTTG. I noticed that they act as if they are two different databases.

Best to read about and learn synching in the “DEVONthink Manual” and “DEVONthink ToGo Manual”, both available at DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras

While there, good to scan both documents to pick up some good advice and ideas.

PS: They are two different databases on two different devices and operating systems, but are “synced” to have the same content as you prescribe in the sync settings.

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It’s possible to have both sync’d databases, and device specific databases
If you haven’t set up a sync process, they are definitely independent databases

fwiw If you’re not into reading manuals, use the Help feature in each product

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I need a remote sync option?”. If you have a colleague, assistant, significant other, etc. that needs frequent updates to synced data, then perhaps you do. Or if you’re using a shallow sync in DEVONthink To Go, i.e., Download Files: On demand.
Otherwise, a local sync is the advocated approach.

We also have information available in a variety of places…


There is a Sync section on our Questions and Answers page.

On our forums:

There is a forum post on syncing: Sync Types Explained. This is a good place to start.
There is also one specifically about Bonjour: Bonjour Simplified

Help and Manuals

Sync is covered in the Help for each application:

  • For DEVONthink, sync is covered in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync, Preferences > Sync, and Troubleshooting > Sync Issues.
  • For DEVONthink To Go, sync is covered in the ? > Help > Sync your databases section.

Manuals can be downloaded here: Manuals

Support Assistant Tutorials

There are tutorials in DEVONthink’s ​Help > Tutorials​.

Right now, this is what I have on my macbook

I am reading from this

But I don’t think that my current desktop notes are replicated in the DTTG.

I am a bit confused.

I am a bit confused. I cannot find this in the iOS version.

oh, i think i get it now.

On the iOS, settings > SYnc > Locations > Local Network > wifi > pick the database to download the files

But on the desktop app, I need to use bonjour yes?

You have to use the same sync method on all devices.

The catch that people get confused by is that Bonjour needs to be enabled on the “server” system and only that system. The clients then connect via, in iOS/DTTG, the Sync - Locations setting.
You can make iOS the server if you like but you only need Bonjour enabled on one system. The other systems will discover the server as long as they’re on the same network.

I think for Bonjour it works like this:

  1. if i want to pull changes from iOS to desktop, iOS need to turn on bonjour, then on desktop sync (setings > sync > bonjour > iOS) but I cannot find an actual button to trigger the sync. This part confuses me
  2. if I want to pull changes from desktop into iOS, i can choose either the download files or the bonjour.

is my summary succinct and accurate?

By the way, i just pulled the trigger :slight_smile: Happy to take the plunge.

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No, you don’t turn on and off Bonjour to sync.
Did you read the Bonjour forum post I linked?

Bonjour Simplified - DEVONthink / Tips - DEVONtechnologies Community

This one right? Yes I did.

When that link says set as server, I am a bit confused.

Set as server means set that as the one to pull changes from right?

Sync is bidirectional, so changes are pushed and pulled to and from both.

Here are the exact instructions – split up specifically by device – from that post and look at the heading: If you are going to be using the Mac as the Bonjour server

I’m not sure what is confusing about that. :thinking:

By confusing, I mean is there a meaningful difference which device to set as server?

Also is “set as server” a logical concept or it also involves physically doing something like check a checkbox or click on something?

I apologize if I am making this sound more complicated than it is.

I may be overthinking the whole thing

Yes, I think so.

Instead, as a first step, follow the instructions pedantically. Better instructions are unlikely to be found here.

Instructions are not in a context free vacuum. Let’s take the original instructions in Bonjour Simplified

If you are going to be using the Mac as the Bonjour server…

This implies I know what the difference between using the Mac vs using the iOS as the Bonjour server.

Reading back my previous posts, I realized I didn’t clarify that, I have sync-ing working. Thank you, @BLUEFROG

Some time around this post How to sync between devonthink pro and to go - #7 by kimsia

Currently, my further questions are because I want to better understand the surrounding context.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear in the first place.