How to sync global inbox?

How can I make the global inbox in DTTG synchronize data with DEVONthink Personal?

My database is getting sync’d perfectly between DEVONthink Personal on my iMac and DTTG on my iPod Touch through Box. The global inbox is not getting sync’d. On my iPod Touch, there is a screen where I can turn the global inbox and the database on with a button. They are both turned on. I assume that that button enables them to be sync’d.

I can find no way in DEVONthink Personal to set up a sync with the global inbox. There doesn’t seem to be any setting in the sync preferences. And there is no folder called “Global inbox” in DEVONthink Personal. Is the global inbox supposed to sync with the “Inbox” in DEVONthink Personal or with something else?

I searched the forums but did not find an answer to this question. Thanks for any help.

The global inbox can be only synchronized with DEVONthink Pro (Office) due to the slightly different database structure.


I have the same problem even though I have the latest version of Devonthink Pro Office—2.9.8. I am just not able to sync the global inbox.

I’ve set the option to sync the global inbox to dropbox and I synchronized the same database on the desktop version, however there is no two-way sync happening, or one way for that matter.

I’ve attached screenshots for effect:


Please start a Support Ticket.

What’s the answer? It’s been a year. This is a bug or design flaw, not just a problem one user had.

It’s not a “bug or design flaw”. As noted… Please start a Support Ticket.