How to sync my DB on a new iPhone

I recently got a new phone and can’t figure out how to sync my database in Devonthink to go.

When I got the phone I dumped everything from the old one into it, so all the items that were in Dttg on the old phone are in the new one, but it’s not synced to the Dropbox location

I go into Settings and click on “Edit locations” but the location I was using before (and am currently using on my iPad) doesn’t show up. I want to sync both the iPad and iPhone with same location that was created when I started using Dttg.

What do I need to do?

OS 10.10.5
DevonThink personal 2.9.10
Dttg 2.1.2

Just add the Dropbox location again.

OK. That got me connected to the data folder. But when I tried to sync (tapping on the cloud) the icon reappeared with a triangle on it. I clicked on it and got a message saying “…Invalid encryption key”.

Where do I get the encryption key I need?

The encryption key is what YOU specified when you created the Sync location initially. Please start a Support Ticket and we’ll work through this. Thanks.