How to Sync when upgrading to DT Pro


I did upgrade from DTPersonal to DTPro, and split the DB on Mac A, then I copied the 3, new created DBs into the DB-location on Mac B.
After trashing DTPersonal and installing DTPro on Mac 2 every thing was fine.

Now I want to Sync with the help of a Local Sync Store - on a USB-Stick - the recent changes from Mac A to Mac B, but I am not able to tell DTPro to look for the Local Sync Store from Mac A, as I only can create a new Local Sync Store.

What am I missing?

Both Macs are 10.11, with DT 2.10.2

Just click the existing sync store and press Add.

Thanks Jim

I certainly would do this, but the new, aka DTPro-Sync Store is not recognized in the Sync-box in the pref-menu. It is all empty at the right side of that box.

BTW: the update DT-Personal to DT-Pro is a welcome enhancement!

Please post a screencap or hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug and attach it when you start a Support Ticket.

Glad you like it!

Here is the Sync-box from Mac A:
Mac A.jpg

and here the one from Mac B:
Mac B.jpg

You need to add the Local Sync Store to Mac B, just as you did when you added it on Mac A.

DT on Mac B allows only to create a new Local Sync Store.

How can I tell DT on Mac B where to look for the Local Sync Store from Mac A?

:bulb: I figured it out, by drag and drop

Yes, this will work but what I said earlier, Just click the existing sync store and press Add., would still apply.

In which window?

I am sure you know DT better than me.

BTW: Is it better to have a Sync Store for each DB, or to have it in one container?


It’s entirely up to you. Either way will work.

A question related to the original one:

Is there a shortcut (or a hint) to have - within settings/sync of DT the Local Sync Store “automatically” active, after entering the USB-stick in the slot?
As I added the “Sync everything” command in DT’s Menu bar, I would prefer not to go to the settings first (I know, there is (apple+,) then highlight the Local Sync Store, to make the db’ in settings/syncwindow at the right active, to apply “Sync everything” - to have all db synched.


No, there’s no shortcut. If the sync location is active, it will sync whatever databases it needs to when the disk is mounted.