How to sync with NAS? Indexed file/folder or WEBDAV?

In the past, I used to use “File - Index Files and Folders” to just index external files on NAS into DT3, works well, but it takes time to update indexed items.

How about using Webdav to sync mac and nas(I use QNAP) instead?
What are the main advantages and disadvantages using Webdav for syncing compared with “Index Files and Folders” method?

Anyone can help me how to setup Webdav solution for Qnap, router, and DT3?

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Syncing and indexing are two completely different mechanisms, not comparable with each other.

  • Sync is for keeping a database in the same state on more than one device.
  • Indexing is for giving DEVONthink access to files in their current location in the filesystem without copying them into a database.
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