How to transfer DT Personal database to new Mac?

I am doing a fresh install of DT Personal on my new MacBook Pro rather than using Apple’s Migration Assistant. How do I transfer my v2.x database from my old Mac to the new Mac and have DT Personal use it?

Can I just copy the database file over to the new Mac? Thanks.

Just copy the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 2 from the old computer to the new one. Or do you use the App Store version?

I did not use the App Store in purchasing my version.

So there is no need to copy the actual database over to the new Mac? Thanks.

The database for DEVONthink Personal Edition is in the folder mentioned above.

Thanks Greg.

So I’m copying the folder on my old Mac and REPLACING the existing folder on the new Mac with this copy?

Yes, just make sure that DEVONthink is not running when you copy the folder.