How to type an url?

In DT sometimes I want to go to a specific url. There is no way to type the address in the web browser. What do you do? any suggestion?
Thank you.

Paste or type the URL in a rich text document, then click it. :slight_smile:

I have a large collection of bookmarks to the journals, governmental sites and other sources that I frequently visit. They are organized in a Bookmarks group, with topical subgroups inside that, e.g., a subgroup named Scientific Journals.

You can create a new bookmark in a DEVONthink database by copying it to the clipboard, then pressing Command-N to save the clipboard contents as a new document.

While viewing a Web page in the DEVONthink browser, Control-click on blank area of the page and choose the contextual menu option, Capture Page Address. If you wish to capture a link on that page as a bookmark, Control-click (right click) on the link and choose Capture Link.

See the Bookmarklets on our Download page. Just drag them into your Safari Bookmarks Toolbar. The Bookmark bookmarklet will instantly send the bookmark of the page you are viewing to DEVONthink.

There may be some Web pages from which you would like to capture all the links on the page as bookmarks. With Safari frontmost, there’s a script under Safari’s Scripts menu (stylized scroll symbol in the menu bar) that will do this: Scripts > Safari scripts > Add links to DEVONthink. (Scripts work with DT Pro and DT Pro Office).

Note: If the bookmark is saved with a Name that’s a cryptic URL address, you may find it useful to rename it. Example: If the bookmark has a Name like “” I can change the Name to “Science Magazine online”; it remains a working bookmark.

Hey Bill (and developers), is this really the easiest way? Would it be possible to add, say, a toolbar icon which would give the user a safari-style toolbar where they could type in a URL and go from there? If this could be added, I think I’d use my DTPO even more often than I already do. It would be even more fantastic for research.

Apologies if this has already be addressed here in the past, but I’ve been following the forms for a while and haven’t seen it.


Check this thread:

enter an URL without creating a link?

Thanks much. I agree with those who wish this could be a button, but the work-around works (if unnecessarily clumsily).

I’m going to keep dreaming of an integrated research environment with full-featured browsing and note-taking all in the same application. I could sell my friends on something like that as a total information manager.

I realize for the power-users, DTPO can already do this, but for those who aren’t at that level, much as I love it (and I use it daily), it’s too cumbersome. Maybe DTPO 3.0. . . .

Thanks for the help.

The reason why we haven’t added this yet is that DEVONthink is a document-oriented information manager, not a browser. So you can use it to view bookmarks (“documents loaded live from the Internet”) but not browse directly.