How to unify two different Databases

Example: I Have two different databases, one called “database A”, the other “database B”.

In “database A” there are integrated a lot of documents in formats like .cwk or .pages. These files are only linked, the file itself is stored in user/documents/database A, here inside the package/file/…

In database B are ony pdf´s and jpg´s or other files, that DevonThink supports, these files are also stored inside the package and they appear in DevonThink as a file and not as a link to a file.

Now I want to join the two databases to one database, called “database C”. I create a new database C and I want to import all the files of database A and B into the new database.

How can I handle the problem in a way that the linked files stored in the packages of database A and B will be imported into the new database C? Is there any solution?

I hope I could make clear the problem…


You might try this:

  1. Export the contents of database B to a folder (via File > Export > as Files & Folders…)
  2. Create a copy of database A in the Finder and rename it to database C
  3. Open database C
  4. Import the exported contents of database B


I already tried this, but this won`t work. If I do so, all files supported by DT will be exported, but all the other files (.cwk, .pages etc…) won´t. Or exactly, they are exported not as .cwk oder .pages-file but as a file with the suffix .dtlink.

I can open these files with the program that created the file (maybe pages), but first I have manually to change the suffix of the file from .dtlink to .pages (or anything else). This is practicable with some single files, but not with some hundred

Reimporting of these .dtlink-files is not possible. If I try to reimport the folder with the files I exported before (now with the suffix “dtlink”) I will only get an empty folder/group in DT. A dtlink-file will not be reimported. Only when I change the suffix in the way I just described, the file will be reimported. But this ist not acceptable in the case of hundreds of files (in different folders)


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That’s a bug which will be fixed by v1.2.1 (coming soon). In the meantime, exporting the database containing only PDF & JPG should work.

Oh, I just installed DT 1.2.1 - the problem seems to be fixed. Great…

…DT, I love you! It´s one of the best apps on my iMac

Michael :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: