How to Upgrade from Standard to Pro

I am struggling to figure out how to upgrade Devonthink from Standard to Pro. I purchased the standard using the upgrade discount from version 2 to 3.


Thank you for your interest in upgrading! To upgrade from standard to Pro log into your customer account. Click your license, scroll down a bit, and choose which upgrade you’d like to purchase.

You can also select DEVONthink 3 > Purchase and it will open our store with upgrade options for your specific license.

Actually, could you try this method as I may have found an error. Thanks!

@eboehnisch : This is what I see when trying the Purchase command with Server installed…

Could you see if you see the same? Thanks!

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Via your account on the website; select your current license and you should see upgrade options.

(ok, whilst I was writing this, flying a toy helicopter and bemusing my son, both Eric and Jim beat me to it :))

No, I am offered to buy additional seats.

Interesting. Thanks!

I am only offered to buy additional seats, or to buy a discounted license to Devonthink Pro.

I have bought a discounted licence to Devonthink Standard.(because I previously owned Devonthink 2) I was hoping to upgrade from Standard to Pro at the discounted price.

i.e The discounted cost is $99. I have bought Devonthink Standard for $49. Therefore I had assumed an upgrade to pro would be an additional $49 (or $50).

It is a bit confusing but anyway. The option isn’t there

I would say that is the upgrade (Pro costs approx. $ 200 otherwise).

That is the discounted price.

I don’t think I made the issue clear in my OP. Problems with typing on a phone.

If I was to buy a full discounted copy of Devonthink Pro 3, it would be $99.0. I believe I am offered the discounted price having been an owner of DT 2.

I chose to buy standard,(which was $49 at the discounted price) and after a period of reflection am thinking of upgrading from standard to pro. i.e I think the extra features may be worth it to me.

The upgrade path is directing me to buy a new copy of Devonthink Pro which would be $99. Therefore I have spent $99 + $49 dollars to acquire this. (which is $148).

Therefore I would have a pro and a standard licence. But I would prefer to upgrade to the pro licence if possible.

Could you be so kind as to post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

DEVONthink Pro sells for US $199, You bought standard for US $99. So the upgrade price for you is, correctly, the price difference of $99.

I bought the standard version for $49.

Here is a screenshot of the upgrade options.

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The additional seat is ~half the license cost.
$99 / 2 = ~$49.00

As noted by @eboehnisch, Standard is a $99 purhase.

What I believe the OP is saying is that

  • they owned DTPO 2 and had the option to upgrade to either
    • DT3 Standard for $49
    • DT3 Pro for $99

They chose the Standard edition; and are now surprised that the original discount offered on the basis of upgrading from DTPO 2 to DT3 is no longer in force (if it were, then the difference between the original upgrade price to Pro [$99] and the original upgrade price to Standard [$49] would be $50). To assume it would be in force is not completely out of the blue - when purchasing outright, updating later costs no more than purchasing the higher version from the outset.

Likely, but discounts aren’t made in perpetuity :slight_smile:
The previous user discount was used when Standard was purchased.

I think that makes sense, but I have to admit that I wasn’t actually actively aware of the fact. It makes making the right choice at the time all the more important. I can’t remember what the upgrade dialog looks like, but it might be worth including a notice (something along the lines of Standard $49, Pro $99 (upgrade from Standard at a later date: $99) if there isn’t already one in place (I purchased 2 years ago, and I’m susceptible to things being called “Pro”, so I might not have noticed any such notice if there had been one)).

That would be for Eric or Criss to determine :slight_smile:

I just checked. The upgrade price from DEVONthink Pro Office 2 to DEVONthink 3 (Standard) was US$ 25 (actually, it’s an up-down-grade as you upgraded to 3 but downgraded to the lower edition). The subsequent upgrade from Standard to Pro 3 is US $99, the price difference between the two editions. The upgrade from Pro Office 2 to Pro 3 would have been $99. The full price for DEVONthink Pro 3 is $199.

So in your case what you actually lose is $25 compared to the direct track. We had to add this step to make the math work so that all upgrades just cost the price difference between the editions.

Thank you. You have expressed it much better than I did myself.