How to use DEVONagent Pro to search, browse and download safely

Hi! DEVONagent Pro’s search ability is very powerful, and it is also used recently. This is the first time I use a browser other than Google Chrome and Safari. So, can DEVONagent Pro identify the searched resource links as safe? I need to click to browse, download and organize, Chrome and Safari can have plug-in prompts, so that I do not touch, what about DEVONagent Pro? I am new to cyber security.

Search windows are always safe, HTML pages are not rendered and JavaScript isn’t executed. To improve the security of browser windows you could enable private browsing and disable Java & Plug-ins (and disallow cookies).

Thanks for such a quick reply, the search results in the window are safe. Is it safe if I click on a result to enter the webpage? Or is the webpage entered by clicking the result safe?

The usage of the search window is completely safe. Only opening browser windows is limited to the security of the WebKit framework used by DEVONagent (and of course by the security of the web page).

Thank you very much!