How to use DT3 Placeholders

Hi all,

I’m not into scripting (Apple or Java), but would like to learn a lot more about how Smart Rules, in particular the Placeholders and how they work? Where can I find great examples of each of the Placeholders, and how and when to use them? I’ve looked at the DEVONthink documentation v3.7.2 as well as the Take Control Of DEVONthink manuals, but hope to find more information.


You can easily insert placeholders via the Insert Placeholder submenu of contextual menus. It’s e.g. available when editing plain/rich text or Markdown documents (e.g. to prepare templates) but also in many text fields (e.g. Change Name) of the smart rule & batch proessing editors.


Initially what I’m wanting to do is use a Smart Rule to rename some monthly periodicals that I receive, based on information that on the cover/1st page (name & date). I’m wanting to learn which Placeholders may suit this need, and the syntax for using them, if it’s at all possible.

That’s difficult to say but I’d start With Proposed Name and Document Date. This could also vary by periodical.