How to use iCloud to sync with different apple ids

My wife and i use a shared pool of icloud storage. We each have our own appleid.

I have tried to set up syncing between our computers using icloud - however - it seems that because we sign in with different appleids we do not get to the same “sync space”. I can sync with my ipad and she can sync with hers - but we cannot sync with each other.

Did i miss something in the setup?

iCloud sync locations require currently the same IDs on all devices.

When setting up the sync from my wife’s computer - can i “signin” using my appleid ?

I seem to remember that trying that caused some confusion on her computer.

You could change the ID in the system preferences but you shouldn’t change it back to the original one afterwards. And this might affect other apps using iCloud too.

Apple IDs are meant for individual use. You could login in her machine but you could not sync after logging in with her account again.

What you are trying to do is not supported.

Thanks for the clarification.

So i will continue to use local sync to keep our computers in sync and icloud sync to keep our individual devices in sync.

BTW - just to clarify i understand that i can sync all devices locally. I am relying on cloud sync to be able to “pull down” a document if needed when i am not at home. I had been using webdav for that - but my NAS is down.

You understand correctly :slight_smile:

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It’s my understanding that the CloudKit framework does support sharing access to databases (CKShare framework). Is this a capability that Devonthink might leverage in future? I also have this use case of a shared database with my wife and would prefer to be able to move away from doing this via Dropbox.

No promises but it’s at least on our list.

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Welcome @Mitchell

the CloudKit framework does support sharing access to databases

Note: Don’t mistake the terminology here. Database doesn’t specifically mean a DEVONthink database, which is a particular format.

Yes, I recognize it’s different and that it’s a framework you would then need to build upon to share the contents of a Devonthink data store. I’m sure it is very, very non-trivial based on what I know of those frameworks.

Please add my vote for this feature upgrade. TNX