How to use "Save As" in external apps?

Good day,

When I open a file in DT3 but with an external app, let’s say Word, and after modification want to save it with a different name (using Word’s menu option “Save As”), of course I see the folder hierarchy of the database where the original file was saved.

So where should I save the changed file with the new name? In the same folder? In the Inbox?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, you definitely should save it in the Inbox. If any file is saved inside the database folder structure outside of DT the file will sit there but the database will not recognize it.

If I know in advance that you will be saving changes as a new document, my preference is to duplicate the document and rename it in DEVONthink before opening it in the external app. It is accurate that you don’t want to do a Save As that puts the new document direction into the database folder hierarchy.

Thanks for your advice guys!

A little more to know about this. In the image you would not be saving “inside the database … outside [sic] of DT”. You would be rather be saving directly to the database, not outside. I always recommend having the global Inbox showing in Finder’s sidebar – install this via the DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons menu. If Inbox is in the sidebar then if you inadvertently find yourself in the situation you described @Claude you can switch over to the Inbox and stuff the file there. Move it back into position in the right database / group later. Or, just save it to the Desktop or Downloads and drag it into the database later.

@Greg_Jones’s advice is the best, for sure.

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Oh boy, totally forgot that but doing it all the time :wink: