How to use Tags?

I have accumulated thousands of data entries into my DT database. I enjoy using this app, but I am starting to have trouble finding what I need using the “Search” tool.

I do not know how to utilize DT’s Tags feature, but believe it will help me refine my searches if I start tagging my data entries.

I have clicked around DT to try to understand how to use tags, but as usual with DT, it’s not that easy to figure out how to do things. :unamused:

So, can anyone point me to a resource to explain DT’s tags, or explain quickly how I can use tags to enhance my future data search’s? Thanks.

Thanks, Chewbacca. Great video. And I discovered other videos on YouTube about DT. :smiley:

You’re welcome RichPate.

I recommend installing the script that enables you to put tags on multiple documents: … ficiently/

The great thing about tags in DT is also, that they can be hierarchical (just like a folder structure). Lately I started using them to organize my research database and find it helpful.

For people who like a folder structure, the Duplicate and Replicate functionality in DT is great.
However, I prefer using tags. That enables me to have just one original document in a centralised library folder and create project based secondary structures, tagging the documents by project. (Many times a tag is just a temporary thing.)

On the other side, a disadvantage of this method would be that you don’t use the full potencial of the auto-classify functionality. This function works better with a deep folder structure.

It really depends on what you want to accomplish. You should reflect a little about what would be the best set-up for your particular situation and then go for it.

But remember, it is NOT wise to use redundant nested Tags. If you find a Tag would be used in more than one hierarchy, you should not have two copies. You should place it at the root of the Tags.

Sure. As a general rule you should never use the same Tag(name) in more than one hierarchy. But you could choose a nomenclature that avoids using a tag in more than one hierarchy automatically, because it would be against the logic of the system.

But yeah: “nested folders” or “hierarchical tags”, each of these systems has its pros and cons (even a combination of both systems).

Good to hear from you Jim. Hope you’re doing well. :wink:

Busy, busy behind the curtains. Cheers! :smiley: