How to use the least amount of iCloud (cloud kit) resources possible?

I sync through bonjour primarily. But on my computer, I engage the iCloud (cloud kit) occasionally so that it stays synced, so that I can travel when I want to.

I keep the iCloud off on my devices unless I’m actually going to go travel. Then I turned it on to make sure all is synced before I leave.

I have done quite a bit of moving things around in the databases. Everything appears to be synced just fine.

This includes deleting databases and adding new ones and joining several of them together as well.

What I want to be sure of is that I am not using anymore iCloud resources than I need to be.

I have cleaned databases that have been eliminated on my Mac. Everything seems to show up fine.

Are there any best practices that I need to be sure I am using? Is there any special things I need to be sure of so that extra iCloud space is not being taken up?

Apple provides no “knobs” to turn to control it.

I am curious. Why are you concerned about what resources you want to minimise? If memory, doesn’t macOS do that for you sufficiently well?

I would keep Both Bonjour and iCloud on all the time so that it does a drip sync a little bit at a time but always up to date. Might take iCloud a while to catch up in time before your planned departure if you do it all at once. And if iCloud were to fail just then, then you will be missing more.

I probably should have been more clear. What I meant by resources was using more iCloud storage than is necessary. If each of my devices backed up each of that amount of storage plus it being backed up on my computer, it would be taking quite a bit of room. I’m not quite sure how to control that. So maybe there is no way.

OK, I will try keeping both of them on all of the time. Thank you for the suggestion.

The only way I know of is to make the DEVONthink databases that you have sync turned on as small as you need. Simple.

We are not talking “backup” here, but sync. The sync is once for all devices, it works like a hub where each device reads and writes to – but always to the same data. Backup would mean one copy of device-specific data per device.

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I really appreciate your intention in responding. Thank you for the help.

I’m not being clear enough.

What I would like to be sure of is that no extra storage is being used on top of that which is necessary. I have read reports of people finding lots of extra storage happening and while at the time I just skimmed over them so I don’t have the context fixed firmly in my mind yesterday, when organizing my databases, I was reminded of not wanting to have access storage happen.

And I’m defining access storage as multiple copies of the same thing on every device. Or even more than one device.

The size of the databases are a little concern to me. I have plenty for what I need. I just don’t want to be using more than I need. Apple is doing well enough without me contributing monthly for huge amounts of extra data that I don’t need.

Hopefully that is more clear. It doesn’t really seem to be a problem it was something more I was bringing up in case somebody has some tips or strategies I need to be aware of that would be helpful.

Thanks again for responding. I really appreciate the help.

Sorry, but i think you are over worrying this. The computers will handle this for you and other than keeping the size of the databases you sync to what you need there is not much else you can control. Just keep the database that you sync as small as you need. And do not think sync is backup. Sync is not backup.

I have read reports of people finding lots of extra storage happening


And I’m defining access storage as multiple copies of the same thing on every device.

When it comes to syncing, this is unavoidable and how the system is built. See…

Or even more than one device.

This would be more potentially problematic, e.g., multiple copies of the same database on one machine. That’s not an uncommon thing for me to see in support when people are manually copying things around without thinking about it.

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