How to work with .md templates in DTTG

i want to write quick notes ( ZK) on iphone with the DTTG app as .md notes but with a template?
will that work and how? could only find info for DT3 but not DTTG.

It’s possible with a shortcut.
Please post a screen capture of a template you’re using, including the filename.

I am sorry Jim, i dont have the template yet. i would have to create it. it would be a Zettelkasten template for FLEETING NOTES for example.

i got an example here:



i am not sure if i will use this. but as an example it will work. i want to use it for a zettelkasten method.

Quick Zettel

i don’t really understand where to put this. I tried to play around but I can not figure out how to get this in the menu section and working.

In what “menu section”?
It’s an iOS Shortcut. You install it and run it from the Shortcuts application.

htis one i found in the net, but it is directing to obsidian.

i would rather have something like that but store it in DTTG or DT3.
But this example wokrs from the ios menu

icloudlink of me works now.

Are you still having issues with the shortcut parts by @BLUEFROG or is it working for you now?

well the thing that bluefrog sent is nice but it would not work through the menu like the one I uploaded. but the one I uploaded it targeting to dropbox for obsidian not devonthink DTTG.

what I want is the menu from my thing and creating a .md file with some data to fetch from the source I want to note something.

I think I will have to play around with this. but this shortcut thing seems simple but still something to learn again…

What you linked to above isn’t what you asked for initially.

Sure !!! I know. I thought it would maybe work in DTTG without this short-cut thing on iOS. but with the menu it only works with shortcuts. I thought there would be a setting in DTTG for use templates .like the A4 templates you offer in DTTG. There could be also .md temps… no ? yes ?

At this time, there are no user-defined templates except those you may create via Shortcuts.

You can add shortcuts to the share menu with a setting in the shortcut. See the attached screenshots. This setting should accomplish where you want it to show up.

I have actually done what I believe you are trying to do. This is the approach I used:

  1. Create a MD file with your template. Save this file to your iCloud Drive.
  2. Insert place holders in your template. This would only be needed if you plant to have static text mixed new.
  3. Create a shortcut.
  4. When it comes time to use the template, use the File action to retrieve the MD file created earlier.
  5. Use Replace Text action to replace the placeholders with the new text, which will be captured in your shortcuts earlier steps. You will need to do this for every placeholder.
  6. Creat new MD document with DEVONthink action using the contents of the updated text

I attached several screenshots for this process as well.

Welcome @CanonShooter

Thatnks for the suggestion.

Can you post your shared shortcut please. Easier to try it that way than recreating from scratch.