How useful is DTTG on the iPhone?

I am using DTPO and am wondering how useful DTTG would be as the mobile companion app on my iPhone 3G. I don’t own an iPad and don’t plan on getting one.
Anybody using this combination already and willing to give a an objective account of his or her experience?


I’ve used DEVONthink To Go on nothing but an iPhone for nearly a year now (long beta cycle!) and I think it is great. There is minimal difference, functionality wise, between DEVONthink To Go on the iPhone and iPad other than the smaller screen size.

I think it’s going to be a great companion for conference, vacations, trips etc. I usually dump all my travel-related things into DT. Until now, I had to print out hotel addresses, train and flight schedules, car rental agreements etc or use the clumsy iDisk or even email-attachements. Now with DTTG, I can replicate those conference folders and have all the information and documents with me.

Further use cases i have in mind:

  • reading recommendations: I have two “reading?!” groups, one for work/science, one for novels and entertainment. I’ve found myself numerous times in libraries/bookshops wishing I had that stupid list with me.
  • inbox: Cleaning inboxes is a perfect task to accomplish on brief train and tube rides.
  • note taking: DTTG offers the opportunity to use the same tool for note-taking on Mac and iPhone

Looking forward to reading more ideas