How will DTTG 2.0 syncing work conceptually?

Well I can’t follow vicshere’s logic, wish he would explain :confused:

The guy on that page asks Eric if he’s saying it won’t be out till 2016.
I have no idea why he asks that, as Eric obviously didn’t mention it.
Perhaps he is fishing in the hope that Eric will give some kind of date.
But I would have liked to see Eric say that it certainly won’t be that long.
Perhaps Eric is worried about putting a timeline on it, a date promise, but surely he could just say, hey, it won’t take all of 2014 and 2015. Or something like that.
I love DTPO but, like many of us, I am just a tad frustrated at what seems an awful long wait for the mobile version that works.

One thing I have learned in my life in cases like this is that if you have nothing factual to say it is far better to say nothing and I believe that Eric is pursuing the right policy of silence. At least he can not be accused of missing deadlines and thereby disappointing people. For what my support is worth the developers have it.

@allsop, korm, …: Thanks for the patience and support.

This is a great company with a great product which I use constantly and I have no idea how I would do without it. And I tell everyone who will listen that they should have DTPO.
And I know that Eric is a good guy by the things he says and what he tweets about.
And I am poor with controlling frustration.
So sometimes I let the steam out, as it makes me constipated.

@vicshere: Thank you for that. I will say this honestly (to all)… if you have never been on this side of software, you have no idea what kind of pressure it can be.

Pressures to make people (reasonably) happy,
Pressure to do the unexpected if not the seemingly impossible,
Pressure to find every stray bug BEFORE it leaves our hands,
Pressure to be fair in pricing as well as pressure to make a living for several people,
Pressure to balance busy professional lives with busy personal lives (we have those too)

Sometimes it’s a very tough job. (And that makes gracious and patient words from our friends (it’s too clinical to just call you all “Users” or “clients”) all the sweeter when we hear them.)

So officially, I say, “Remember to hug your favorite developer!” :mrgreen:

OK, agreed. But I ain’t kissing any developer till the wife says it’s OK.
We stop at hugs.

If I can ever get that reminder list to sync, I will! :wink:

Just checking back to see if DTTG 2 was released yet and see the situation is the same. :confused:

Has there been any word about a date?

Unfortunately no, not yet. Still, we are working hard on making DEVONthink To Go v2 as reliable, useful, and nice-looking as possible. The beta group is already in the loop and receives textual updates now. As soon as we enter the internal beta phase I will start a thread here and post public updates about it.

Please apologize the delay but building an app like DEVONthink To Go from scratch including a brand-new sync technology that doesn’t choke even on many gigabytes is not something as easy as it sounds.


This might seem odd, but after only having used Devonthink ToGo (with Office PRO) I am actually a very happy user with very little to complain about.

There is always things you can wish for, but after all it is GREAT to be able to have all information regardless of filetype gathered in ONE database that you can search in - both on your computer better than excellent, and on both your iPad and iPhone in a useful way.

I thought that Apples iCloud Drive would offer this and when it did not I started to look for alternatives. Bought FileMaker but that did not solve my problem and then just stumbled over DT and DTTG.

Before I thought it was great with syncing via clouds but I radically changed my mind. Prefer to have all my data safe, sync it internally in my own network and not just a password away.

I also looked at Evernote, but again, I want my data to be with me, not away inside a foreign company’s server and where that company can change the pricing and rules whenever they want.

So, a virtual hug to you developer of Devonthink from a very happy user.

Looking forward to see new versions but not until they are tested and safe to use.

I believe it is critically important that the new sync continues to allow DT users to store data on their own WebDAV servers.

Didn’t DEVON announce “DEVONGlass” some time ago? What happened to that? It sounds like an offsite cloud, which might appeal to some, but we need the option to use our own also. I also recall “DEVONGlass” being touted as free. There’s really no free lunch.

Good to know that it’s in beta, and that a modern UX (New Version) is in development for that.

Is there any chance of a semi-public beta (like Tinderbox’s recent one) where users can buy access and try out the app? (Not sure how that would translate into a free license, like Tinderbox for Mac, but I suspect that there’s many who would be willing to pay for just the ability to test (and happily buy a new copy afterwards in the iOS App Store).)

Regarding DEVONglass: Check the date, and read the details ( … -and-free/).