HTML pages lose linking


I have imported a number of HTML pages (through importing their folders where also the linked images live). After import, images are displayed fine in the rendered HTML and links from thumbnails to fullsizers work.

After the DB has been closed, something strange happens.

  • The images are not shown, only a replacement icon.
  • clicking on links (both text or images) is answered with “URL not supported”.
  • “Copy Link” from context menu and pasting into another application transports the link text or ALT text to other apps, eg. “Image of xyz” or “picture.jpg”
  • ditto pasting into DTP results in something like “applewebdata://ACCDC007-65E5-4447-BC69-72FBAB5400B5/page.htm”
  • The HTML source text is not altered (still the original <a href … \a>)

Is there a way to get my link functionality back?
If not, will that be remedied in coming updates?
How could I prevent this behaviour in the first place?