I tried using an HTML tag to control the size of images in a Markdown document I use in class to write reports on my students’ work, like:

<img src="Image_Url" width="500" height="100">`

This worked in DEVNOthink Pro 3.8.3 but not in DEVONthink To Go 3.5. Am I missing something?

I know I can use a CSS style command for that, like:

<style type="text/css">
figure, img {
width: 20%;
height; auto;

But, should I not use HTML tags in docs for use on both Mac and iPad rendering of Markdown files?

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In what way did it not work?

Also, the height and width attributes of img are no longer used to control the actual size of the image in current browsers. Instead, they provide a hint about the aspect ratio.

Using CSS is actually a safer bet.

I don’t see any particular advantage of HTML elements over the usual MD approach in this case.

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