(hyper) links to folders and files in a rich text file?

Hi folks, thanks again for your patience. I am wondering if it is possible to create a hyperlink to a folder or files in a rich text document? - ie. click on the link and then a finder window would open to the file.

R Haynes

No – which is one of the reasons I don’t embed folders and files within rich text documents. Another reason is that embedded documents are not indexed, and are not searchable.

My approach is to not embed documents, but keep them as separate documents. Then I can link to them from a rich text document, and often do so, That allows some very powerful workflows.

Hi folks - it seems to work (unless we are talking about different things!). Going to format “Add Link” and then using



R Haynes

I had read your post as referring to links in a rich text file to items embedded within the rich text document.

Yes, rich text documents can contain hyperlinks to other documents, a powerful feature. An easy approach for items in a database is to copy the Item Link of the referenced item to the clipboard, then paste it into the rich text document.