Hyperkey inconsistent on DT3

I’ve set up hyperkey on BetterTouchTool and also a hotkey trigger on Keyboard Maestro using ^⌥⇧⌘ + ‘arrow keys’ to run a series of keystroke simulation. So I should be able to hold caps lock + ‘arrow keys’ to run the macro but it doesn’t run. However if I do the whole hotkey shebang it works as intended.

Also, my ‘Take note’ hotkey on Devonthink runs on hyperkey and it works fine. I only encounter this behaviour with documents within the app.

Is there anyway I can troubleshoot this?

We don’t do specific support for third-party utilities like KM.

What exactly does your macro do and have you tried other key combinations?

I am having a similar problem using Keyboard Maestro and the Caps Lock hotkey binding through Better Touch tool.

I would suggest reporting this on the BTT and/or the KM forums.

I do a lot of image tagging in DT so the macro in KM is a few keystrokes to move on to the next image document.

One example:

The current trigger in the screenshot work. And if I change the trigger to ^⇧⌥⌘ instead of ^⌘, it only works if I press the keys down but not with the hyperkey.

But I hear you, seems like I can narrow it down to KM’s issue since BTT’s hyperkey works with the keyboard shortcut within DT.

Seems like I was wrong in my reply to @BLUEFROG. Did some digging and it’s probably due to BTT’s implementation.

KM’s forum
MPU forum

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