hyperlink in excel to access file inside a DT database

I am trying to create hyperlinks in an Excel sheet, to documents

devonthink is creating a URL identified with " x-devonthink-item:// ".

Using the Hyperlink process creation within Excel, seems to be automatically adding " [file://localhost/](file://localhost/) " at the beginning of my devonthink URL, therefore creating a non valid URL to access my document.

How could I point to my document within the devonthink database, with a common URL pointer such as " file:// "


I do not believe Office products can be made to work with “x-…-item” links of any variety. You need the path of the document in order to create a [file://…](file://…). “Document” link in Excel. The DT Info palette shows the path for database documents. The path in the case of imported documents is relative to the DT database root and you need to adjust the front portion of this manually (the “./” portion) to get the full path from the volume root. (Do Reveal in Finder, and from Finder do Get Info - the full path will be shown.) In the case of indexed documents, the Info palette shows the full path.

(FWIW, Excel does not like long paths - it will error out. If a document is buried deep in a folder structure, a link might not work. It also does not like links to document types that cannot be opened in browsers (e.g., RTF). You’ll need to experiment. Finally, If you change the document location in the database or directly on disk, your link will break.)