I am having trouble

I continue to go through the PDF tutorial. For instance I am at the page 26 view RSS feed. I went to 43 Folders. Selected it and it loaded in Safari. I used the CM to bring up the load in DEVONThink selection and it is not there. All the other possible selections are there for the CM, but nothing for DT pro.

I have loaded all the scripts that I know of. I have Hot service installed. Any help would be fine.



DT does not yet include a contextual menu plugin for other applications. But you should be able to drag & drop links to DT, e.g. to its main windows, its group panel or its Dock icon.

I can drag it and in fact it goes to DT, but I can not fine where you view in DT. In the preview window title, it is a link that clicking take me back to safari.


It now works. I restarted — although I had done several times for other reasons. and now it works.


though it did not solve my other problem in another post with scripts.