I bought DevonThink but I don't have a Mac and won't have it any time soon

I am a Windows user. In order to use all the Devon apps I decided to switch to the Mac … but I still don’t have a Mac, which will be one with an M1 processor, and I will have it in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have already purchased all three software (DevonThink Pro, DevonAgent and DevonSphere), I have the licenses and have downloaded the installation files. But to use it all I’ll have to wait for the Mac. I know, it will seem strange and absurd to you, but that’s it: maybe I’ll have the Mac in January as well. In the meantime, I wanted to take advantage of the black friday, knowing that in any case I would have bought the entire Devon suite. I wanted to ask, and this is why I wrote: is there a time limit within which you have to activate the products (which otherwise would expire) or can I safely wait for the Mac to arrive at any time? Thanks

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The licenses are yours and have no expiration date. You can activate them at any time.

Please just be aware that we have a 14-days refund policy so if you haven’t tried DEVONthink until January we might not be able to issue a refund.