I can no longer access this resource from Safari

I use this forum regularly to find answers as to how make best use of DT. I today found that I cannot access this via Safari Version 14.1.2.

I am running Big Sur on a 2015 iMac, and upgrade to the OS is not available due to the age of the iMac.

Any ideas other than:

  1. Use a different browser ( I am posting from Chrome)
  2. Replace the imac - works great for everything else :wink:



Older Safari sometimes simply does not work sometimes. We have a machine like that. Use Chrome and be thankful it works for the time being on that machine.

What is the symptom (blank page, beach ball, error message)? Do you have error messages in the developer tools‘ console?



Wow. Someone is checking the browser type. I thought that this approach die with internet explorer. So you’ll probably have to use another browser.

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If that is the cause then you may be able to get Safari to work by spoofing a different user agent:

Thanks I’ll give that a try