I can't choose a volume for backups


I have stored a lot of valuable info in my DevonTHINK database and I would like to keep a backup on a external drive. In the Preferences window there is an option to do that but I can’t select it. Why can’t I select it?

Would also work if I go to the documents folder (where I saved the database) and copy/paste it to the external drive?

Thanks in advance


I assume you are using DT Pro, as you referred to storing the database in your Documents folder.

The Preferences feature for choice of location hasn’t been enabled.

But there’s a very convenient script. Choose DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. Backup Archive will first run Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize. Then it will save the smallest possible compressed and dated archive to a location of your choice.

BTW yes, you can simply choose your database and copy (Option-drag) it to another location. Be sure the database is closed at the time!

Dear Bill,

You assumed it right, I’m a DT Pro user: sorry

Thanks a lot for your help, you solved my problem :smiley:

Best Regards