I can't find iCloud sync option

I can’t find iCloud sync option.
Where can I activate it?

Good question. I was wondering if I could use OneDrive to sync DT3 in my devices (DTTG and DT3) as this would save me some money.

Possible, but care needed. I do this:

  • My Documents folder is synced via iCloud
  • My OneDrive folder is a subfolder of Documents
  • In DT I index the OneDrive folder

This keeps OD in sync and available in DTTG.

I’d have thought you could achieve the same using Dropbox (i.e. put the OneDrive folder there).

All that said, using multiple sync methods on the same folder may have risks.

Thank you for your suggestion, but my point was to bypass both iCloud and dropbox altogether and stick only to onedrive.

Welcome @Wonmyo
iCloud syncing requires you have activated iCloud Drive on the machine/device you’re setting up iCloud sync.

For DEVONthink: Select iCloud Drive in System Preferences > iCloud, click the Options button to the left, and enable the edition of DEVONthink you’re running.

You may need to reboot the computer as well.

Sorry if I misunderstood. I don’t think you can do what you want because DTTG can’t see into OneDrive locations. If you index the OD folder on a Mac, DT on Macs will see the files (assuming you sync OD on both Macs), but DTTG can’t

When I posted this question, I can’t activate iCloud devonthink pro(ver3) option.
So I restart my mac, then I have a option of devonthink pro(ver3).
Thank you for answering.

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You’re welcome.