I deleted the default smart rules 'Create Version' and 'Remove Obsolete Versions'. Where can I recover them?

I deleted these two default smart rules, which would be very useful for me now. I didn’t think I would ever use them, but turns out I need them. How can I recreate or reproduce them? Could someone kindly provide guidance or simply share a screenshot? Thank you.

Here you go: Create and Remove Versions.zip (2.2 KB)

Unzip and double-click each to install them.

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A sort of related question. Can I somehow ‘hide’ or move somewhere safe the ‘standard’ smart rules I don’t want to use at the moment? The list is getting long and cluttered e.g. Apply Rules on Ctrl-click

I can’t see myself using Bates Numbering, but you never know in the future…It would be good not to see it but to have it safe.

No, there are no options to hide individual smart rules. If you disable a rule’s actions, the name dims though.

Thanks. I have done this. They show dimmed in the navigation bar and now don’t show in the ‘Apply Rules’ which is a great help.

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A future release will add the possibility to group global smart rules/groups.