I do not understand a function

First: sorry for my english, when I learned it in school I preferred playing soccer…

Little Problem: When I configure the row with the symbols in the main window, then opens a window with a lot of symbols which I can drag and drop to the row.
In my localised german DTPO is one, „Memo erfassen”, which means ”grab a Note”. In a little Popup-Help-Field is the description: ”to catch a selection of the current page”. (Icon: a yellow note with a little red pin)

But I cant catch a selection from a DTPO-Page, neither RTF nor textonly.
What does this nice little icon mean?
It would be very helpfully, to have an example…

I got it:
In a SEARCH RESULT the icon was activ WHILE showing a linked URL.
When I press the icon, the website with text and pictures will be copieed in the folder incoming.

So its for archieving a website you have bookmarked
and now you will archive this page,
before the server crashes or so…

Try and error 8)
(and I tried hard and error was great)