I’m not interested in supporting a business who likes Trump

As noted here… DEVONTechnologies liked Trump?


I have Many Apple products to work with DEVONthink. Politically Apple will not agree with me. But the last time I recently checked, we can agree to disagree. :+1::wink:

But the last time I recently checked, we can agree to disagree.

That’s the beauty of a free society with freedom of speech. We all have rights to have and speak about our own opinions, values, and ideas, no matter the subject. :slight_smile:
However, as noted in the other thread: We, as a company, are here to talk shop and take care of business.

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Agree with you 100%! Thank you for DEVONthink & your incredible customer service! :+1::blush:


Thanks for the generous encouragement. It’s very appreciated.

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Yeah, I suppose I you can ‘accidentally’ like a fascist. Bit weird though. I can also stop using this product and supporting this business.

It’d be super easy to say something along the lines of “everyone at Devon Technologies stands in opposition to all the horrendous shit that hateful orange idiot has done”. But no, please ‘free speech’ your way out of it. Probably the least grown-up response I could imagine. At least own your hate.

I think everyone has the right to make a mistake and own up to it. And a company has the right to not publicly take a stance for or against an orange idiot.
There are worse cases in US company affiliations – look at Oracle’s Larry Ellison and (Ex-Paypal’s) Peter Thiel. Those are the guys endorsing and paying a fascist, not inadvertedly “liking” one of his insane tweets.
As much as I’d like DT to take a stance here, I can understand that they’re not doing that. And of course a company can not talk for “everyone” working there.

They haven’t owned up to it. It was apparently an accident. I’ve never accidentally liked the tweets of a fascist, have you? Why would a company even be following this ageist, racist, sexist, homophobic sack of shit?

I have never heard anyone from DevonTHINK express any political opinion previously. I am happy to accept that this was done in error.

I’m not disappointed that they’ve expressed a political opinion. I’m upset that they’ve endorsed a truly awful individual and not owned up to it. Admit your hate, DT.

After all, it was the company account. If it was an individual they would admit it, right?

Can someone please close this trhead? It’s getting nowhere and does not belong here.


Where else can we discuss corporate adherence to fascists?

Dear all. We all know how easy it is to click the wrong button, swipe something left instead of right, or trying to hide a post and accidentally “like” it instead.

As @BillW has pointed out we as a company hold no political opinion and will never express any inclination to any political party or person. I understand, @coldbrain, that this accident was of the kind that easily creates a disturbing picture within tenth of a second, but you can be fully assured that we are no fascists (as Germans our history books taught us well about what happened and why “never again” is key).

And just to make an exception to the rule: We clearly distance ourselves from the current US president and neither support him directly nor indirectly.

Therefore, I’d kindly ask you to disregard this accident that we have remedied as quickly as we could and keep politics out of this otherwise so helpful and friendly user community. Thank you.


I find it very difficult to imagine that the DT company Twitter account accidentally liked that tweet. Someone did it deliberately. It’s not like there is a big ‘disagree’ button next to ‘like’. Your fingers don’t go near that area unless you want to like or retweet it, and it’s extremely obvious when you’ve done it. I can’t believe that answer, and the woolly ‘whoops! accidents happen!’ answer disappoints me more than the issue itself.

If I did that, I’d have a serious talking to by my company and there’d no doubt be a public apology.

I’ll leave it there. I’m extremely disappointed with both the event and the reaction. If it were an accident, this was a great opportunity to publicly reject the hateful policies espoused by this government. It is, IMO, extremely cowardly to shrink away from this sort of thing with a “we don’t do political opinions” statement. Nationality doesn’t come into it. As a (global) society we are far beyond that.

We have also posted a tweet about this unfortunate incident.


Thank you.