I TRIED this…

Especially as in this case DEVONthink effectively plucks the data straight out of Evernote. In DEVONthink Personal or Pro for Mac, you can go to File, Import and then choose Import from Evernote.

After a moment, DEVONthink displays a list of all the notebooks in your Evernote. Click on one, shift or option-click to choose many — or press Command-A to select the lot. This time you can afford to that because when you click on OK, DEVONthink imports everything and arranges it all into folders that match your Evernote structure.

…and nothing happened? what do I do now?

I do not really understand what you’re saying here. Is DT importing (as in your second paragraph) or is it not (as in your last paragraph) from Evernote?

Also: PLEASE DO NOT SCREAM at us. There’s no reason to use all uppercase letters unless you think the forum visitors are hard of hearing.

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it is not a scream. i never learned to type well bcause of severe damage to my thumbs and couple of fingers.

Assuming you are using the current version of Evernote, it is - to the best of my knowledge - not scriptable in a way which would allow DT to import. There are numerous threads in the forum about this.

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Yes, please make sure you’re running the Legacy version of Evernote. It shoudl be version 7.x.
They broke inter-application communication and mass exports in Evernote 10+.

Note this i mentioned in the Menus > The File Menu > Import & Export section in the built-in Help and manual