I wish DTPO could give the analytics that devonagent does

Is there a way to have devonagent make topical maps of a group or groups?

I love how devonagent will analyze a stack of search results and make some preliminary taxonomy and word analysis on the results. I love it so much and have found it very helpful to unearth things I’m not paying attention to.

Sometimes, when I am wrestling with a pile of research in DTPO, I wish I could select the groups of interest and get that same analysis done on the DTPO data.

Is there a way to do it? Can anybody think of a way to trick devonagent into doing it on the DTPO data?

I have a really big pile of docs that I went through and I have a hunch I’m missing some obvious things. I’d love to have that tool available to me to play with looking at my data with that lens.

You can’t “trick DEVONagent” into doing it, but if you are running WebSharing in Pro Office, you can query the shared databases from DEVONagent. You would be able to get a map that way.


I had vague notions of trying that, but your screenshot confirms! That’s a nice workaround for now.

Trimming the search pool will be a little tricky but I could make this work.

That is so cool!

@Allsop: I :heart: Pro Office. (True story :smiley: )

Hello Jim
Being a newbie with DevonAgent - can you be more explicit how to get Agent interacting with DPTO server (I activated the server )

You need to be sharing DEVONthink databases via the webserver. (Check out the manual, p.44 or Help > Sharing your data). If you have no databases being shared, there’s nothing for DEVONagent to search.

In DEVONagent, you need to select the Browsers > DEVONthink server plugin for the search.

Hi Jim

sharing DEVONthink databases via the webserver is done

Where do I find Browsers > DEVONthink server plugin for the search?


Under the magnifying glass in the search window, or in the Plugins tab of a search set.

Am I right in thinking that doing this with DEVONthink 3 requires the DEVONthink Server 3.0 edition?

Oh, I’ve just seen in the screenshot from what’s New in DEVONthink 3 that there is a related words graph in the cloud displayed for an item or a group. Is this the same thing?

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 13.00.01

It doesn’t require the Server edition (though that has the option as well).
That’s the graph from the Tools > Concordance inspector, available in Pro and Server.