iBooks-style PDF annotation: intuitive highlighting and note

The new iBooks for iPad has a really impressive PDF interface that facilitates intuitive highlighting and note-taking. Check out the video here about 2 min. in: apple.com/ipad/built-in-apps/

The most important feature is that when you select text, you can highlight, open a comment window, and copy the selected text to a notes list w/ integrated comments ALL IN ONE GESTURE.

Any chance that DTPO could be moving in this direction? Any tips on more streamlined, intuitive PDF annotation? Right now I find it annoying to have to toggle back and forth between text selection and note entry using the buttons on the annotations menu. A keyboard shortcut would help. Also a keyboard shortcut to enter a new local note would help. There is a keyboard shortcut for highlighting–if only highlighting would instantly open a local note. (I’m interested in local annotations, not a single note on the whole document.)

Any ideas?

though I commend the idea, I rather prefer SKIM and Skim’s standard of annotations. This functionality is superior to IOS iBook afaik, one is able to continuously edit notes, even collaborate — currently DTPO supports only display of notes though. There is no iPad-version of Skim.

But, since there is programmer’s information (I just cannot remember the exact term, sorry) available to fully implement this functionality into DTPO I’d suggest just this instead or as a complementation. I cannot say anything about the interaction of iBooks and Skim, though don’t have an iPad (gasp).