iCal script not working anymore

I notice a few weeks ago that the iCal script does not seems to work since I moved to the MobileMe calendar. I get the following:
HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden to operation CalDAVScheduleEventQueueableOperation

I let it slip but now that I am about to get back to work, I have tried to dig a bit deeper. I can create manually any event in iCal and manually put the DT link in the URL section. However, If I let the script do it (teh one that comes with DTPO installation), I get the message above with two choices: go offline (not useful) or revert to the server which also remove the event.

Anyone else got this issue?

Done a few searches and testing. This issue is indeed relate to the change in mobileme calendar and experienced by quite a few. The problematic portion of the script is the setting of the alarm message i.e. no alarm everything fine. I am not quite sure which portion (or all of it) is the issue since if I set it manually, the sync is fine.

anyhow, I thought I should share this in case I am not the only one.

I shall have a look at the script after our company vacation next week. Thank you for pointing us at the issue!