iCloud backup — turn it on or off?


Please remind me of the pros and cons of checking “Backup Data to iCloud” in DTTG preferences.

Thank you.

From the help…

It will obviously use space in your iCloud account but it’s the only backup Apple offers in iOS *(still… )
And it still doesn’t allow you to restore individual items from their backups.

But it’s something.

When backed up to iCloud, to my knowledge the database is not encrypted by DTTG specifically. My understanding is that data backed up to iCloud is encrypted in transit and at rest, but is accessible to Apple at rest. That may or may not be a problem to you.

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The current admonition in the sync settings…


I have this disabled. The encrypted sync store has 1 copy in the cloud, while the Mac has a local copy, which is backed up locally to an SSD via Time Machine and an HDD via Carbon Copy Cloner and remotely to a server in another country via Arq. All those are encrypted. If you are not using a Mac, enabling the iOS backup might make more sense (if the lack of encryption is something you’d be comfortable with).

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Are you syncing through iCloud and not directly Mac to IOS?

Yes, I use the iCloud (CloudKit) sync option, which is encrypted (the destination doesn’t matter, the sync store password could also be used when syncing via Dropbox, etc.). Apple (or Dropbox, etc.) can’t read this data. But with the “Backup Data to iCloud” option in DTTG preferences, Apple can read the data, that’s why I don’t use it.

The sync store is separate from the iOS backups option you mentioned.

Can you use iCloud sync store used as a backup then? While still doing direct local sync?

You can use both both a local and remote sync (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.) at the same time (also as seen in @BLUEFROG 's comment above.

The sync store isn’t a backup per se, but it’s at least 1 more place your data is stored in securely. If you have the data on a Mac, I would at least use Time Machine for 1 local backup.

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