iCloud Changed to CloudMe?

I decided to install DTPO on a second laptop. I am trying to connect to the existing database on iCloud. I read the following:

It was excellent and I think it provided all the information I need, but I am getting the following error:

Error while setting up location “Inbox.dtCloud”
Authentication failed.

I know I’m screwing up somewhere, but I’m not exactly sure. I’m assuming that the User Name and Password fields at the top are for my iCloud account. I know that information.

In the Sync Store Name, I entered “Inbox.” That’s what it is on my first laptop and DTTG on my iPhone, so…that seems like it’s probably correct. (I do have an older “devonthink” on Dropbox. It’s very out of date and I think it comes from the time when I was originally using Dropbox, but I switched to iCloud.) Anyway, “Inbox” seems like that’s the correct name.

When it comes to the Encryption fields, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not sure what to put. Normally, if I had entered something when I first created the database, I would have entered the key in 1Password. There is nothing there. So…my assumption is that I did not add an encryption key when I created the iCloud database.

One additional question: I haven’t set up any other databases yet. I’m just filling my global inbox. I need to start creating databases (obviously). Will I have to add each new database to iCloud (Local)?

OH! WEIRD! I just went back to look at the Sync window to verify what I am typing here and suddenly there is an iCloud option with Inbox already listed. I selected it and now it’s downloading the database! I would SWEAR is the iCloud I was trying to sync was in fact iCloud, but now that icon appears as CloudMe. I have no idea what that is and I will remove it as soon as I’m done syncing.

I guess the problem is fixed, but I think I’ll post this anyway. Could this be a…hmmm…not a bug, but…perhaps some kind of slowness of iCloud in showing me the right thing and showing me the CloudMe option as iCloud??? So weird!