Icloud cloudkit change encryption stopped syncing


i set up icloud cloudkit on my mac for a new database a couple days ago. i used a simple encryption key just for testing purposes.
i set up the new DB and icloud sync on my ios devices. it seems cloudkit is a lot more reliable and i would like to switch my other DBs to it as well and change the encryption key.

now i find the key-switching utterly confusing with DT and DTTG. i removed the location on osx, added it again with a proper encryption key and started syncing.

problem now: it doesn’t work. even after doing the same on ios it seems to not sync. ios was complaining about the wrong encryption key for like an hour and i have no clue how i solved that, it just stopped complaining at some point. but i don’t know why.
however, now the ios devices are complaining that 'longname.manifest' missing of database "name". i haven’t switched my non-test DBs to icloud.

no clue what state i am in at this point nor how to solve it. any suggestions are welcome.


From other conversations here, those are normal errors for first synchronisation if they don’t last in time.

Has been four hours now and the database has only three files

Just a hunch: before setting up with the new encryption key, by chance did you or did you not “clean” the database on the CloudKit location? My hunch is that it needed cleaning since you are basically starting again.

I did indeed do “clean” on iOS before I removed it on iOS and set up a new location on OS X

What happens if I do a clean now that all devices have the new encryption key? Presumably it would recover fully?

Cleaning will remove any sync and transactional data.
If the key is left alone, it will be used when you sync to the location again.

so it will recover if i do it? merge from all the devices etc?

If you clean a sync location, then sync a device to it, syncs from other devices will merge the sync data in the sync location and propagate out from there.